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Tom Bevan

“Its all here and my hearts bleeding! Let ME be your star!”


Name: Tom Bevan

Birthday: 1989

Height: 5’8”

Country: England

City: Rugby, Warwickshire


  • Classical 60%
  • Contemporary 30%
  • Commercial 40%
  • Technique 80%
  • Flexibility 70%
  • Strength 40%
  • Creativity 80%
  • Flare 80%

* Total of 150% between Classical, Contemporary and Commercial. Total of 350% across all other categories.

Featured Dancer – Tom Bevan

I started dancing when I was 8 at a local theatre school where I studied every evening after school and staurdays in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Acro and Musical Theatre. I was offered professional representation and signed to my first agent when I was 9, I worked mainly in TV commercials and I did west end theatres for variety shows etc.

I then gained a place at The Masters Performing Arts College when I was 19 and studied there for three years. Whilst at Masters I had the opportunities of dancing for comic relief for the BBC on the Eastenders queen tribute and the Olympics in London 2012 along side the annual shows in London. Straight away after graduation I was offered Carnival Cruise Lines & Norwegian Cruise Lines and I chose Norwegian, and rehearsed in Toronto & Tampa Florida and toured NYC, Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Hondorus, LA, San Francisco, and Alaska. My next contract was with Princess Cruises where I was based in Los Angeles for rehearsals then toured Australia and New Zealand, My third contract was back with Norwegian where I toured Europe, My fourth contract was with Celebrity Cruises where I toured North America, Central America, South American and Antartica.

Along side my big long ship contracts I have filmed Bollywood Movies, Was a dancer at Glastonbury Festival in the Theatre and Circus as the Headlining Show, was a dancer on Season 4 of Mr Selfridge for ITV, and also booked a acting gig for New Tricks on the BBC as a character part. Currently I am about to begin a contract for Viking Line in Madrid and then the Baltics. And then I have a contract been offered afer that for MSC Cruises and also A month Tour of Saudi Arabia as the lead in a all male Alice in Wonderland, where I will be the male Alice.

1. At what age did you start dancing?

8 Years Old

2. Where did you train professionally? If you did not have formal training how did you learn?

If you did not have formal training how did you learn? The Masters Performing Arts College

3. What is your favourite thing about being a dancer?

EVERYTHING! The travel, the people, being blessed to be able to call my passion my job, the costumes (well most). And the moments you get in a show where you are giving EVERYTHING you have and you do not care if it hurts and then the audience go wild!


4. Who/what is your biggest inspiration/reason and why?

I take insperation from ALOT of things and/or people. But as a child a lot of pop stars in the 90’s/00’s play a huge part in my choices to perform, i.e Britney Spears haha.

5. If you weren’t a dancer, what do you think you would be doing?

I think I would be in Fashion or PR and Marketing.

6. Have you ever had a dance injury and how did you recover and prevent it from happening again?

I did. I was performing a 6 minutes Aerial Silks routine in the finale of a show and I injured my Rotator Cuff in my shoulder. I could still dance but Aerial was out of the question for a few weeks… I got better by resting and also strengthening the shoulder with specific techniques and equipment to prevent it happening again.

7. Is there is a piece of advice you wish you had when you were starting out?

YES… Talent alone will not book you the Job… You have to be a business person and market your own brand! And dont rely on agents or other people! because SO MANY talented dancers are not working because they think jobs will come to them! Versus the dancers who are consistently because they email the casting directors, make the right connections, market themselves in the correct manor.

8. Do you have an interesting story from being in a show or on tour?

YES, MANY! But one sticks in my head a lot… Again going back to the Aerial work I did. I got tangled in the silks BADLY in one show… I thought i would need to be cut loose! Everyone inc the audience were freaking out… I missed the finale section and the Bows and the goodbye number “we are norwegian now” because I was stuck above the audience hanging! I finally got myself un tangled and the audience went crazy! I cried and ran back stage! haha. Later that night i had voice mails from guest services asking if I was ok? because a number of guests had called in to make sure I was! Then later that evening when I was out, audience members sore me and paid for my drinks all night! haha.

9. What is the most exciting dance job you have had so far?

I have done a ton of exciting jobs… but my best contract has to be HANDS DOWN my first ship contract with NCL on the Norwegian Jewel! Best cast! Ship, Shows, Crew!

10. What is your dream dance job?

Dancing on tour with Britney Spears!!!!! Or Lady Gaga… and recently Ariana Grande!

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