Flour East has made quite the splash with here awesome song Sax. In this Video Dance tutorial I teach you the Fleur East Sax Choreography by breaking it down step by step. The Fleur Was Sax routine is easy to learn and a lot of fun, trust me I had sooooo much fun learning this. Rosie White of Dance Lovely teaches you the Sax choreography quickly and simply. If you want to learn pop dance routines this is a great place to start.Крысы

Flour East Sax dance routine will get you in the mood for summer and does nothing but put a smile on your face. This is the Fleur East Sax official choreography learned from the Sax official music video also Fleur east  performed sax x-factor choreography. Sax choreography by flour east and the Sax dance moves are some of my favourite right now so please get learning and dance along. Fleur east sax dance routine with fleur east sax dance moves

Learn to dance for beginners,
Dance Lovely choreography
Rosie White Choreography

Live, Love and Keep Dancing.



Love Rosie. X

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