Hey everyone…

So this dance routine has been around for some time now but I absolutely love it so wanted to do a step by step dance tutorial for beginners. This is a great dance routine for is you are a beginner or a professional, in my opinion it always looks great.

In this dance video tutorial Rosie white teaches you the Dear Future Husband Dance routine. Learn Meghan Trainor dear future husband dance routine for beginners.

This is a great step by step Learn to dance tutorial for beginners. A Meghan trainer dance tutorial that will have you dancing the steps in no time.

Rosie white is trying to produce the best dance routine for you to learn easily. This is a step by step dance tutorial. Dance routine step by step dear future husband by Meghan Trainor.

Megan Trainor dance routine,
Meghan Trainer dear future husband dance routine. Learn dance steps for beginners,


Love Rosie. X

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