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Rosie White

Hello my lovelies…

It is wonderful to meet you and I would like to welcome you to my blog, Dance Lovely. I like to keep things short and sweet but how can I keep my life journey in just one tiny paragraph? Hmmm ok lets see…
I am a professional dancer originally from the UK. Right now I am 23 but I started dancing when I was just 6 years old and at 16 was so lucky to study at ‘Masters Performing Arts’ for 3 years.

“My life has been dancing, thats all i’ve ever known or see when I look through my life.”

Since a child I have been obsessed with dancing. It literally is the best feeling in the world. So far, since being released free into this big, crazy, tough world of dance I have actually had a very successful career at a young age you could say. I have been so lucky enough have travelled the world as a dancer performing on amazing stages, TV appearances and live events. Saying that though it hasn’t been easy for me at all.

Growing up I just wanted to dance and make that my entire life but nobody would ever tell me how to do that. They would just say ‘its very competitive’ or ‘You will never make it professionally’ or ‘its too hard to make a living as a dancer’. I could never actually find anything that was positive or explained what it means to be a professional dancer. Thats why I am starting dance lovely.

Dance Lovely

I have always dreamed of there being a website that I could go a read all about dance and how to become a professional dancer. To look at beautiful photos for inspiration or find some exciting videos from the dancing world. I have never found on that is just right, so I figured I would have a go my self. This is where to share my journey and experiences as a professional dancer for dancers all around the world. If you want to become a professional dancer they you will find loads of interesting things about how I did it. If you are a professional dancer then come along with me on the journey and who knows maybe we will work together in the future. Some of the things I will share are:

  • Best stretches for dancers
  • Audition techniques for dancers
  • Insights into the life of a dancer
  • Photos of dancers
  • Dance techniques
  • Amazing dance videos

I will also be writing about all the other exciting things that are happening in dance world.

More about Rosie White

So a little more about my life, (this is where I’m going to talk a lot, yay)… I was actually born in London as my whole family were born and raised there however at the age of 2 my family moved to the Isle of Wight. Most of you may never have heard of this little English island (a lot of people from the UK haven’t even heard of it). It is a tiny little Island at the very bottom of England, and no they don’t talk a different language there or have a different time zone and you don’t need a passport to get there. It is still in the UK (you’d be surprised at some things I get asked by Northern Brits). I started going to ‘disco dance’ class when I was 6 and I loved it right away, I remember my very first class and I was terrible. I was not the most flexible child or did I have much rhythm but my Mom could see that I loved it and wanted to do more so she took me to ballet, tap, modern jazz and singing. Slowly but surely I started getting the hang of it until all I wanted to be was a pop star haha. In fact when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would be ‘Britney Spears’… Yes I was just a little more than obsessed with her. When I was about 12 years old my dreams of being Britney Spears were crushed, I realised it was a lot harder to be a pop star than singing into my hairbrush in front of the mirror. Maybe I wouldn’t become ‘Britney Spears’ but I knew my life was destined to be on the stage. Being absolutely in love with dancing and being on stage in front of hundreds even thousands of people gave me a drive that has never left me.

Rosie White

I was never interested in school, I much rather would have been at the dance studio, which is where I spent every evening. My amazing Mom was constantly running me backward and forward paying for 12 classes a week, new dance clothes and costumes and competition entries (I love you mom). I have the best parents in the world (I love you dad), I know everyone says that, but literally I couldn’t have asked for better ones. They supported me, pushed me, helped me to get to where I am now. At 14 I was cast in professional shows that I would perform in 2-3 nights a week, on top of all my other classes and exam classes. I was doing ballet every day, it was so important to me. I knew I could never be a ballerina and I never wanted to be. I just loved it and with out a doubt helped me so much in all areas of my dancing.

“Ballet… It literally is the core of everything.”

At 14 and 15 I would leave home and go to professional colleges for intense week workshop courses staying in dorms or digs. This is where I got to experience the ‘dancers life’. All I wanted was to dance all day 8am – 6pm. Being in classes with other people similar to my age who wanted the one same thing as me opened my mind to this wonderful world, we were all free. This is where I decided (along with everyone else) I wanted ‘to make it’. I wanted to be the best dancer I could be. I wanted to be a professional dancer. I LOVED IT.

At 16 I decided I was going to leave school and go to full time dance school for three years. I auditioned and after successfully gaining a full scholarship at ‘Masters’ college I was fortunate to do exactly what I set out to do. I moved back to London for the next three years where things were the most intense, hard working, physically and mentally demanding times of my life. It was hard being so far away from home at the age of 16 having to fend for myself, but I quickly adapted… thanks Dad for teaching me how to cook and drive.

14 hour days of physical dancing, fighting to be the best in my class, to be best dancer I could be and fighting to not let my confidences be knocked finally nearly took its toll. I pushed myself to maximum everyday. Now I look back I realise how important each day was at college. I had excellent training, and I enjoyed it so much. At the end of the day if I didn’t love it why would I put myself through out that physical and mentally challenge.

Directly after training I performed on  ‘BBC’s Children In Need’ performance night with the ‘The One Show’ and Arlene Phillips. I was chosen by the UK’s top leading Choreographer and Choreographer and creative director for ‘One Direction’ to dance on ‘Cheryl Cole’s Night In’ on ITV choreographed by ‘Derek Hough’. I was fresh from college and felt on top of the world. This was my first ‘big job’ and I loved it so much. Getting my hair and make up done by professionals and a whole wardrobe team to orgraise what we wore, wearing the most beautiful and expensive brand new designer dresses and shows… Oh I wanted to keep them, but they wouldn’t let us haha. I just wanted more of this.

I danced at the Premier for ‘Hannah Montana The Movie’ on the red carpet at her premier in London at Leister Square  then performed inside the theatre on the stage after Miley Cyrus’ speech. I didn’t meet her as she left straight away (without watching her movie ) because she went to TopShop Oxford Street where the whole store closed so she could go shopping.I guess if I had become Britney Spears that would be me, but I was more than happy with my career. 

Soon after I was offered my first cruise contract with MSC. I loved it. Dancing every night in different shows, waking up in a different country every day. What a Beautiful life. I then went on to work with Norwegian Cruise Line in a total of doing 4 ships. My final ship contract I the featured principle dancer for the Las Vegas show ‘Legends In Concert’. Legends has its own show on the the NCL Epic which is the largest entertainment ship in the world. Since then I have been assistant choreographer for the show in Las Vegas.  

So thats kinda caught you up on my journey so far, the rest will be on this blog.

I hope you enjoy the ride…

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