5 Tips For A Long Dance Career

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Hello Lovelies,

Recently I have started to realise that I am not getting any younger and I am for sure starting to feel it now in my dance world. I am 23 years old and I know to most ‘normal’ people that is still very young, and yes it is. But I am 4 years going into my career and ‘apparently’ dancers don’t have very long careers as it is. But I don’t think that is aways true. I have few friends that are in their late 30’s/ 40’s still performing… How awesome is that? But, I do have to say my body isn’t quite like a 16 year olds any more. I use to happily jump into splits, kick my face, take huge leaps into second without warming up… Yeah that doesn’t happen any more. I mean, I could for sure but oh do my muscles feel that, it just won’t be as comfortable haha.

I thought in this blog I would share with you some tips I have been trying or have been researching to help my body and muscles become stronger and healthier as I get older. Of course everyone is different and by the time you get to my age you more or less know what your body needs or how you can help your muscles, but I am still learning everyday new ways to help improve to keep my flexibility, less injuries and years of pain free dancing and hopefully what can help me to have a longer career.

This is just a few tips that I find as I am getting older is helping me to maintain my normal performance without having to hold back at all. What do you think? I would love to hear from you if these are starting to help you or if you have anything to share that can help me and my readers, I love hearing from you guys and I love to learn new things that can help me be better. So get in touch!

Live, Love and Keep Dancing.

Love Rosie. X

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